“The Present Time” out now

A couple of weeks ago, Naviar Records (a beautiful boutique level working very hard to preserve the experimental scene) released on CD & DL “The Present Time”, my latest album and one that represents another tiny step in the personal search for a meaningful means of aural expression.

Hard to give birth to, this record is made of 5 cuts of imperfect ambient sounds, because real life is like that, hard and unpolished. I hope you enjoy it.

“City Circles” @ Astral Noize

Astral Noize, the UK outlet regularly writing about experimental and noise music as well as releasing records of the same genres from time to time, has just published a review of City Circles for its readers. An excerpt goes like this:

In many ways, City Circles feels like an exploration of connection, of emerging from our wombs of safety, out into the wilds of life while promising, in the end, to be absorbed into overwhelming light. Subespai succeeds, most certainly, in prompting the listener to translate sound to existential examination.

It’s great to have support from outlets, my thanks to them! Go read the full review here!

“City Circles” released!

Pleased to report that the legends at chemical imbalance have put their trust on me once again and will be releasing “City Circles” on CDR and digital, available to purchase and stream NOW!

Originally composed for the 2020 edition of the Australasian Computer Music Conference, ‘City Circles’ is a 28 minute piece that furthers my research on loops as a main musical currency, as well as the exploration of urban sounds and scenery, also present in 2018’s “A deafening silence”.

An excerpt:

This is the third release I have done with chemical imbalance. Always supportive and without dramas, small labels like this keeps the scene going, consider supporting them!

Microtopies 2020

Just as it happened in 2019, I’ve contributed a sonic miniature to this year’s edition of Microtopies, the yearly open call from the Gracia Territori Sonor group, organisers of the infamous LEM Festival, aiming to collect and craft a sonic journey around the world made of one minute pieces.

This year, the compilation is made of 56 experimental pieces from 31 cities in 11 countries, all of them of great quality, including a piece from the late Víctor Nubla, the original soul of the organising group, who sadly passed away on March of 2020.

My submission for this year is called “Turons Blaus” and it sounds like this:

And here is the complete album, which you can stream / buy directly there, in Bandcamp, supporting local weird music initiatives like this:

“Faversham” on ABC’s “Trace”!

As a true-crime aficionado, it fills me with childish joy to have some of the Faversham tracks featured in the second season of the ABC podcast Trace, second season starting this week!


Very happy to see how something we did together with Leighton Arnold circa 2017 is still alive and well. Many thanks to Mitch Soden from chemical imbalance for giving us the opportunity to release that work back then and to Marty Peralta to consider the music for the soundtrack of the podcast!

Shameless plug, still one physical copy left to buy, go get it! https://chemical-imbalance.bandcamp.com/album/edo-arnold-faversham-lp

“Vespertine Works” on Cassette Gods!

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 11.33.26 am.png

Again, almost missed this review, which was back in November 2019. Anyway, Vespertine Works was reviewed by Cassette Gods, in a very nice review:

“The sense of loneliness is heightened in the middle of the night in a place where you’re surrounded by other people – you just can’t face it. But there’s an excitement too, so you venture out and discover what there is to discover.
It might be the perfect thing.

Read the full review here.

“City circles” @ Radia.fm!

Radia.FM is a group of radio stations bringing “new and forgotten ways of making radio” to the airwaves, all across Europe and beyond. The idea is: every week, an artist is asked to contribute a half an hour piece, and this piece is broadcasted once per participating radio station during the designated week.

Guess who is the artist selected for the week of 13th of July? Yours truly 🙂

The Radia network will be broadcasting my recent contribution to the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020, a piece called “City circles: sound collage on urban canvas”, recorded live and entirely made with found sound. This means it will be broadcasted at least 20 times mainly around Europe but also online, in the US, Canada and even in San Marino!

You can watch the piece in video format below (courtesy of Matthew Syres on AV and Josh Paton on VJ), or get more information about the Radia show, its schedule and network in the link for this week’s program.