Introducing “Faversham”

Well, it’s not a secret by now if you follow Subespai on Social Media, but early January saw the release of a collaboration between this amazing musician and even better well-being that is Leighton Arnold and myself, which we named “Faversham“, signed under our surnames (“Edo / Arnold”), released by the greatest chemical imbalance and with artwork from the outstanding jwptn.

A taste for ears and eyes:

I am really happy to have been able to release this. The story goes as follows:

  • Early 2017, I have never played live, but the itch is getting unbearable
  • I go to this concert in Sydney where Leighton is collaborating with a voice artist, doing his fantastic guitar stuff
  • Unlike me at all, I decide to approach him as I thought what he did was interesting, we have a good chat about glitchy pedals
  • After the gig, I research further about his work and, even more unlike me, decide to reach out to him via email for advice on how to further in my own musical explorations
  • A friendly back and forth starts with this email, from which I learn that he is based in South Korea and will be in Sydney for a little longer
  • He agrees to meet and jam, we go to a rehearsal studio down in the Marrickville suburb, specifically Faversham St.
  • He comes all prepared with his recording gear, then I learn recording bands is a passion of his
  • We play for over two hours, Leighton records the whole session, when we part ways, he mentions the topical “I’ll listen to this, if it’s any good I’ll let you know”.
  • Soon after that he leaves for South Korea, no plans to return
  • Months go by, we check up on each other here and there, he encourages me to do solo stuff, I start playing gigs and writing more music
  • Eventually he sends me a sample of the recording, which I find it sounds pretty cool
  • A new back and forth starts with the whole recording, to pick up good snippets that we can eventually turn into a release
  • Months go by, we check up on each other here and there
  • Eventually (late 2018) we land on 5 tracks, 41 minutes. We pick tracks and album names.
  • We involve Josh for the artwork, turns out to be amazing
  • We involve Mitch for the release, super-easy and straight-forward
  • Surprise! Leighton is coming for Christmas, we push for a launch gig which ends up occurring at the Gaelic Club on early January 2019, alongside great acts
  • The album is officially released on the 3rd of January on cassette and digital
  • And the rest you know already!

Right now, you can stream and buy the record at the chemical imbalance bandcamp page, here’s a preview of what you would get:


Amazingly, has reviewed it in blog post as well!

Convinced that this recording is a time capsule floating through space I’m completely mesmerized by the way it tells a story through electronics and sound samples. […] They know when to keep the reverb steady and somber, and when to blend suspicious effects that lend to the goings-on. […]

Hope you like it as much as I did getting it out and presenting it! And thanks for reading such long post ❤️



Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to join the fine people from Triage and the multitasker Trevor Brown for an afternoon of free jazz improvisation to which I provided subliminal electronic touches and very mundane samples, trying to add cherries on top of already beautiful sounds. Out of the session recording, a digital EP of three tracks is now available digitally

You can preview it down here, buy it over there and read more about it under the releases section:



Two new dates in November

⚠️ Update 29/10/2018: due to technical difficulties, I won’t be playing at SICKO November Program I, but Osinihcam will, go support them!

So far, November looks like a very collaborative month 🙂

On the 4th, I will be supporting Triage on their new EP launch and metamorphosis into Osinihcam as part of the SICKO November Program I. Here’s the link to the event and here’s a preview of this new EP:


And the week after that, without having had time to recover, Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson and myself will be performing our second gig as Act For Birds at the Sounds Unsound #21 down in Enmore, as always, at The Hideaway Bar, here’s the link to this other event.

Come along? Also keep updated with any other gigs and happenings in the live page 🤘🏻


New tape: Vespertine Works

Rest is for the wicked, they say. This one has been around for a while but only recently I have had the time to add the artist copies to my bandcamp page. Introducing my new solo album, Vespertine Works:

One of my most accessible albums to date, this one is made of 20 minutes and 2 tracks, some drones here, some field recordings there, guitar-powered swells and walls of sound everywhere. A peaceful, slow and calm collection of tunes to soundtrack a hypothetical night walk around a city of your choice.

Originally released by the British label No-Fi Hideout, you can stream and buy this (on tape and digital formats) from here: and, if you do, let me know what you think? reviews “Encounters…”

Encounters in time and space, my latest digital release as improvised live with Adrià Bofarull on an event of the same name held in Barcelona regularly and organised by the never-surrenderers Gràcia Territori Sonor has been reviewed by the Spanish online outlet, in Spanish of course 😉

Here’s a small taste from the review, terribly and unprofessionally translated by me, a merely intruder in this amazing and incredibly tricky field that is translation and proofreading:

The big doubt that remains after listening this genuine record is that I will never know if these are the oldest sounds in the history of the world or the newest. I will never know if this was what was before music, or what will come after it.

Link to the full review here, and thanks to for giving this obscure record an opportunity!