A deafening silence (teaser)

“A deafening silence”, second album by Subespai, available here on cassette and digital formats: chemical-imbalance.bandcamp.com/album/subespai-a-deafening-silence


A deafening silence

A milestone. A proper record label has released my works. Sydney’s chemical imbalance. is only 3 years old, but has already more than 70 experimental titles in its catalog, and my latest mini-album is the number 74 in this vast and rich collection.

“A deafening silence” is made of two tracks, fifteen minutes of cross-over between noise and ambient, microsound and electronics, painting two mundane scenes in which silence is uncommon, and doesn’t really exist as such, revealing a world of small sounds, unknown in origin, but as constant and powerful as their louder siblings.

Limited cassette release to twenty copies, it’d be awesome if it were to sell out, as that would send the message to the label and to the world that my stuff is worth publishing. If you want to help here, you can buy the record from this link: chemical-imbalance.bandcamp.com/album/subespai-a-deafening-silence

More information on this release in its project page: A deafening silence

4 years of Naviar Haiku


Naviar Haiku, the weekly musical challenge from the people at Naviar Records turns 4, and to celebreate this no small feat, they are releasing a digital compilation with 93 tracks no less, free download, with some of the tracks submitted during these years by the community.

I am very proud of having participated here and there, even more when two of my tracks made the cut, specifically Moonlit and The Open Arms of the Scarecrow. Honoured to be part of a compilation so full of awesome tracks and talent!

You can read more about the compilation and project here and here. And with a single click you can download the tracks for free, support Naviar Records and support me! Three things in one! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Live & uncut @ Sounds Unsound #12


I am equally scared and excited about this one: Subespai will be playing live on the 7th of February at The Hideaway Bar in Enmore, again as part of amazing Sounds Unsound event, wohoo!

Why scared? Because this time I won’t be alone on stage, I will be with Rich Daddona a.k.a. Rich Machine (from local unmissable bands like Triage and The Legendary Sea Apes), pairing his drums and percussion with my electronics and drones. What’s best/worst, it will be fully improvised, so who knows how will it turn out?

Come check us out and see soundscapes unfold in real time!

Moonlit Falls: new digital release

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to share my first gig with another beginner in the world of playing live, somebody who’s on my very same wavelength, and I am happy to say we’ve become good friends.

To celebrate this friendship and a second gig together that went pretty well, Josh and I have released a digital split with one track each, called Moonlit Falls.

This is how it sounds:

And you can stream / download it from here: subespai.bandcamp.com/album/moonlit-falls

As a digital release, this is a pay what you want type of deal, just downloading it for free would go a long way to show us your support. We’ve also made some physical copies to give away to friends and people who express their interest in our gigs. If you are interested in a physical copy though, just let me know!

Compilations galore: “New Life” by New Leaf Inc. records

Another Subespai track made it to a netlabel compilation, this time put together by the Australian netlabel New Leaf Inc., with the following motto:

New Life is a representation of growth and a salute to change.
Growth in the environment, the seasons, the artists and this very label.
Water, oxygen, sun and soil are all sonic and physical influences on New Life

And with that, I came up with this track where drone washes play as sound bed for chopped guitar harmonics with a lot of ring modulation. Here’s the thing:


And here’s the whole tracklist. Take a listen, it’s beautiful and full of calmness:


Thanks to New Leaf Inc. for the feature! 👍🏻