Vespertine Works


Composed over Christmas 2017, but not released until May 2018 by British label No-Fi Hideout, “Vespertine Works” delves again into the urban theme like “Carrers de Sydney” did some years back, this time focussing into the nocturnal side of the city as an abstract concept. An attempt to grasp the strange peacefulness one can experience when wandering around at night in an otherwise busy scenario like a capital of the world, whether it is Sydney, Barcelona or any other.

Two tracks and almost twenty minutes of peaceful ambient, looped guitar parts, field recordings and fridge-like drones, for your night walks.

“Vespertine Works” acts as a meditation on the night-time of the cityscape. Composed entirely during nocturnal hours, the two pieces attempt to reflect the slow, quiet and unsettling identity of the city at night. […] These pieces blend in with the environment, challenging the listener to embark on a journey of introspection. Night time listening recommended.”

— Jon Law, No-Fi Hideout

Available on cassette and digital.

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Cassette gods

[…] Melodies cascade through the mist as circadian rhythms struggle to sync up. You’re awake and asleep, walking through a dream, jolted into consciousness, drenched by the rain. The sense of loneliness is heightened in the middle of the night in a place where you’re surrounded by other people – you just can’t face it. But there’s an excitement too, so you venture out and discover what there is to discover. It might be the perfect thing. […]

Vital weekly

[…] A bit shoegazing alike on the first side, with a soaring slow melodic lines, while perhaps a guitar of some kind plays a likewise soaring tune and there a few coins rattling in loop modus for some additional percussion. These pieces one might think aren’t also the most ‘new’ in terms of lo-fi ambient music but the musicality here is a leap forward and something I enjoyed very much. […]

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