Subespai live @ XperYmentaS

I had the pleasure to be interviewed and improvise live on air with the program hosts at Radio Ciutat Vella for the XperYmentaS program in Barcelona. You can listen to the whole program in this link.

Music starts at the 16:00 mark but be warned! The recording includes Catalan speech, snobbish views, ramblings on experimental music and raw dark improvisation!

Thanks a lot Miquel and Edu for the experience!

2019 Spanish “tour” of sorts

Just as what went down in May/June 2018, I have three upcoming gig dates in Spain this month of October:

08/10/2019 → Interview and live improvisation with the program hosts @ XperYmentaS, Radio Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.
Super excited to perform alongside Miquel Jordà and his crew, closed to the public but live on air, and subsequently available online on the Ivoox channel of the program.

10/10/2019 → Solo show @ Biblioteca Agustí Centelles, Barcelona.
Starts sharp at 8:30PM to coincide with when the library closes for the day, so be early otherwise access will be unavailable!

27/10/2019 → Solo show @ Ultrasons, músiques en vibració. Casa de la Música, L’Alcora, País Valencià.
For this one, I will be presenting “Horitzons distòpics” (Dystopian Horizons), a 15-20 minute performance attempting to soundtrack the immediate and grim future of society. There will be two performances on the day, the first one being at 5PM. Limited seats available, bookings essential in the festival web page!

See you there!

Open Frequencies #7 – Featured artist!

Stoked to be the featured artist of this fine open mic event by EMOM Sydney open to all electronic and experimental musicians to have a go at performing live!

Open Frequencies is a monthly open mic event held at The Hideaway Bar, similar to other open mic events but different, because this one is, and I quote…

Seeking all forms of electronic music, including dance, ambient, noise, electro, techno, glitch, space rock, soundscape, modular, synth, electronica, chiptune, hip hop, loopers, improvised, live coding, experimental, breakcore, trance…!

Honoured and terrified to be the headline of this month’s edition. I will be playing at around 9 but for 20 minutes (which is a bit longer than the regular set you would be playing in one of these events), but come earlier to see all the acts and feel the amazing vibe!

The event invite is here, looking forward to meeting you there!

Two new dates in November

⚠️ Update 29/10/2018: due to technical difficulties, I won’t be playing at SICKO November Program I, but Osinihcam will, go support them!

So far, November looks like a very collaborative month 🙂

On the 4th, I will be supporting Triage on their new EP launch and metamorphosis into Osinihcam as part of the SICKO November Program I. Here’s the link to the event and here’s a preview of this new EP:


And the week after that, without having had time to recover, Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson and myself will be performing our second gig as Act For Birds at the Sounds Unsound #21 down in Enmore, as always, at The Hideaway Bar, here’s the link to this other event.

Come along? Also keep updated with any other gigs and happenings in the live page 🤘🏻