Subespai is the solo project of Mauri Edo, a Sydney musician born in Barcelona. Subespai is the Catalan word for “subspace”, a mathematical concept that can also be interpreted as a reference to the multiple facets enclosed in the individual.

Walking the line between ambient, noise and drone music, Subespai paints experimental soundscapes by mixing acoustic and electronic audio sources with effect pedals, field recordings and other gadgets. Ranging from peaceful to dark and troubled, but always intense, the resulting pieces work as soundtracks for contemplative movie scenes yet to be written; blending in with the environment, challenging the listener to embark on a journey of introspection and feeling.

It all started with Carrers de Sydney, an auto-edited EP inspired by the author’s immigration to Australia. An opera prima where nostalgia and the anxiety of discovering a new city are channeled into three urban soundscapes, with equal parts of drone and analog ambient. After that, Subespai established links with the experimental music community, participating in compilations for multiple netlabels, collaborating with local artists and playing live at different Sydney venues like 107 projects, The Hideaway Bar or the Insacious art gallery.

2018 has already seen two releases from Subespai: A deafening silence by chemical imbalance, which is full of eerie minimal noise and Base, a dark noise faux soundtrack collaboration with Doxylamine, by Eupcaccia Records. Beyond this, Mauri is currently preparing for his first concerts in Europe, working on more releases, and new collaborations with other local experimentalists.

Photography: © Andrés Sanz Rivas 2017