“City circles” @ Radia.fm!

Radia.FM is a group of radio stations bringing “new and forgotten ways of making radio” to the airwaves, all across Europe and beyond. The idea is: every week, an artist is asked to contribute a half an hour piece, and this piece is broadcasted once per participating radio station during the designated week.

Guess who is the artist selected for the week of 13th of July? Yours truly 🙂

The Radia network will be broadcasting my recent contribution to the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020, a piece called “City circles: sound collage on urban canvas”, recorded live and entirely made with found sound. This means it will be broadcasted at least 20 times mainly around Europe but also online, in the US, Canada and even in San Marino!

You can watch the piece in video format below (courtesy of Matthew Syres on AV and Josh Paton on VJ), or get more information about the Radia show, its schedule and network in the link for this week’s program.

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