“Live” at ACMC2020!

Subespai will be performing at this year’s edition of the prestigious Australian Computer Music Conference, which is going to be carried online between the 3rd and 10th of July.

Subespai - ACMC2020

My piece is titled “City circles”: sound collage on urban canvas and is essentially made with found sounds. For this recording I counted with the unmissable help from my buddy Josh Paton on visuals and Matthew Syres on A/V support, the performance was recorded at the fantastic Alpha House Gallery in Erskineville, Gadigal land. Sovereignty was never ceded.

The piece will be broadcasted on the 6th of July, however if you can’t wait, it is already available on Youtube:

Highly recommended that you check out the conference and the other contents, super high quality!

‘Hydromancy’ @ Llums de Tunguska

Llums de Tunguska is a fantastic experimental music radio program from Radio Ateneu del Clot (Barcelona). A random google search for something else revealed that Hydromancy (released in 2019 by the Audiotalaia netlabel) was featured in episode 160 of this amazing show, alongside some local legends, what an honor!

You can listen to the whole show below, my tracks (yes! two tracks!) show up in minute 47, but the whole thing is worth a listen 🙂

Llums de Tunguska, ep. 160:

Thanks Isabel & Joan for the air time!


Self Isolation Tapes (my 1st remix!)

It was an honour to be asked by Audio Obscura to provide a remix for one of his tracks in this Self Isolation Tapes project, where he tried to make sense of the Covid-19 lockdown between March and April 2020 in the UK.

I was fortunate to meet Neil in Norwich back in 2018, when we both performed at a Naviar Haiku Fest, we exchanged tapes and had a good chat, keeping more or less in touch after that.

I got asked to remix the track named “One day I’ll grow nostalgic for these days”, which is an equal parts beautiful as well as ominous exercise on sampladelia, turntablism and radio art. My remix picked up some hidden sounds in the track stems and turned them into protagonists, while keeping the radio art flair of the original work. This was my first remix ever, and what a great experience it was!

You can stream and purchase whole album here: Self Isolation Tapes.

And this is my track:


Hope you like it! And if you do, support Audio Obscura!

Playing “live” at Ruido VĂ­rico Fest

UPDATE: I’ll be playing live on Sunday 22th of March at ~13h CET // ~23h AEST here.


What a strange year we are having.

To help entertain those in soft and hard lockdown, the master Edu Comelles is putting together an online festival of leftfield music this coming weekend, from the 20th to the 22nd of March.

Line up still TBA, but I am likely to play on Sunday (in the evening for Australia, at lunch for Spain).


But beyond my participation, I can already tell you there’ll be amazing experimental legends performing in it, watch and donate for a good cause!

Stay tuned for details đź–¤

Triple review on Vital Weekly!

I almost missed this, but apparently, more than a year ago, the almighty Vital Weekly web magazine reviewed in one shot all my tape releases of 2018 (A Deafening Silence, Base and Vespertine Works).

The reviews of the work are okay, as in the music didn’t blow their hats off, but they seemed to like it, although there is a repeating theme about it not being particularly “new”, which is fair enough, especially for a site that regularly reviews works of forward-thinking artists and bands that I worship, like Machinefabriek and others.

Of all three albums, the best words are for Base, getting some praise for its deliberated and strategic approach to noise:

Not your usual harsh noise walls, but a rather interesting free play of distorted sounds, guitars and electronics alike, with freeform percussion. […] This is quite removed from the other two releases, which seem more considerate and controlled, whereas this one is chaotic and wild. Here is some noise that is familiar and fine, with that rough edge we all love some much. It is not the work of madmen going wild and wilder, but something done with some care and consideration. That’s how we love them best.

Happy to have my music been considered by “the oldest source for music reviews”. Read the whole triple-review here, at the bottom of this issue: http://www.vitalweekly.net/1148.html

2019: un any genial a la Biblioteca Esquerra de l’Eixample

One of my favourite experiences of 2019 has been to play again at this fantastic library that is the Biblioteca Esquerra de l’Eixample – AgustĂ­ Centelles in my home town of Barcelona, back in October.

It has been a beautiful surprise to find out that my track “Whispers” from Radiant Whispers, the split single I released alongside my friend jwptn back in September last year, has been used to soundtrack the end of year celebratory video summarising all the events held by the library during 2019.

Venues like this make me want to continue making leftfield music. A true honour.

Naviar Haiku #310

One of my favourite things to do in this music journey is to partake in the weekly challenge set up by Naviar Records, having to sonically react to a haiku poem in 7 days.

Beyond my own contributions though, it’s always very surprising to listen to all the other participants’ tracks and how different are they, though being inspired by the same words. This is last week’s playlist, with all the contributions, see it for yourself:

More information about the Naviar Haiku weekly challenge can be found here. Seriously, check it out, it’s one of those beautiful corners of the scary internet.