Introducing “Radiant Whispers”

DSC03371EDIT (1).jpg

Another promo split between jwptn and subespai, a celebration of friendship, a moral continuation of the artists’ first promo split together Moonlit Falls (still available on digital on my bandcamp page).

Two tracks and eight minutes of modified field recordings, saturated but almost inaudible elements, sun rays, and voices from the past.

Hear it for yourself:


A short video teaser:


Hope you like it! And if you really want it, drop me a line and we’ll make it happen 🙂

Thesis Recurring #84

Thesis Recurring is an iOS app, made by the amazing label/powerhouse Thesis Project, that lets you soak into an endless collection of eternally looping compositions made by amazing artists like Machinefabriek, Taylor Deupree and many more, accompanied by still photographs normally selected by the label owner himself, Gregory Euclide.

I am happy to announce my contribution to this specific initiative with a gentle processed piano loop, definitely feels like being in a different league:

Thanks Gregory for letting me participate in this beautiful idea!

Open Frequencies #7 – Featured artist!

Stoked to be the featured artist of this fine open mic event by EMOM Sydney open to all electronic and experimental musicians to have a go at performing live!

Open Frequencies is a monthly open mic event held at The Hideaway Bar, similar to other open mic events but different, because this one is, and I quote…

Seeking all forms of electronic music, including dance, ambient, noise, electro, techno, glitch, space rock, soundscape, modular, synth, electronica, chiptune, hip hop, loopers, improvised, live coding, experimental, breakcore, trance…!

Honoured and terrified to be the headline of this month’s edition. I will be playing at around 9 but for 20 minutes (which is a bit longer than the regular set you would be playing in one of these events), but come earlier to see all the acts and feel the amazing vibe!

The event invite is here, looking forward to meeting you there!

Microtopies 2019

Very happy to have contributed a piece for this year’s edition of Microtopies, a yearly exercise from the amazing Gracia Territori Sonor group, aiming to collect sonic miniatures of at most one minute of length, from all over the world, shaping a sonic journey that later becomes a special edition of the radio program Radio MĂşsica i GeografĂ­a (RĂ dio GrĂ cia FM, Barcelona), as well as a digital release. You can listen to my track here:


And here is the complete playlist, which you can stream / buy directly there, in Bandcamp, supporting great independent music initiatives like this:

Radiophrenia 2019

Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts. Broadcasting live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, the station aims to promote radio as an art form, encouraging challenging and radical new approaches to the medium.

FUll-logo-2019-923x1024Radio as an art form? Awyeah! Radiophrenia is a very cool radio festival happening in Scotland between the 13th and the 26th of May, a festival that smells experimental from the get go, featuring newly commissioned radio works, live-studio shows, live-to-air performances and much more!

Most of the works featured during these two weeks of crazy radio sounds come from an international open call, and I managed to get one short track in this year’s programme! My track, titled “We were not the intended recipients of this message” has been featured on the first day of the schedule as part of a segment called “Shorts 15”,  and contains an ominous incantation of radio spirits, masked by white noise and tinnitus-testing tones. Curious? Here it is:

Shout out to Radiophrenia and its organisers for a great event! What a phenomenon! đź“»