Microtopies 2020

Microtopies 2020 is the ninth album of the “Microtopies” global open call, a yearly request of sonic miniatures that shape a special edition of the “Música i Geografía” radio show, produced by Gracia Territori Sonor and broadcasted weekly by Ràdio Gràcia (Barcelona).

The goal of the exercise is to make a sonic route through a map of randomly assigned events, since the pieces received have been included in strict order of reception. This year have been received 56 experimental pieces from 31 cities in 11 countries, all of them of great quality, including a piece from the late Víctor Nubla, the original soul of the organising group, who sadly passed away on March of 2020.

My submission for this year is made of a jingle from an old Australian radio show field recording processed beyond recognition, eventually resulting in this piece I named “Turons Blaus”. Here it is:

And here is the complete playlist, which you can stream / buy directly there, in Bandcamp: