: ancient method of divination by means of water, its colour, movement or ripples, aiming to understand the past and to foresee the future. Also Hydromancy, a short album made with watery sounds both recorded by me with hydrophones or found underwater sounds.

4 tracks and 21 minutes that tell a story of a divination session gone wrong, the record is filled with underwater ambiance, haunting bubbly noises, distant clanks and other unexplained sounds, bringing images of sunken ships, cursed lakes and ghostly rivers to the attentive listener.

Released by the fantastic label Audiotalaia. Free download at http://www.audiotalaia.net/2019/10/at098-subespai-hydromancy.html

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[…] Before I listened to Hydromancy, I knew that it was themed around water, I was interested but not expecting to be wowed. Hydromancy did wow me though, as I’d forgotten how dark water could really be! I’m saying this as a Lovecraft fan who is well acquainted with the goosebumps that might arise when thinking about the watery abysses of the Earth and what they might contain. […]

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