Encounters in Time and Space



Gràcia Territori Sonor is a non profit-making association, responsible for the organization of several activities about the experimental music based in Barcelona, among them, the international meeting LEM. Less known but of no lesser quality is a series of events they organise, named Encontres en l’espai temps (Encounters in Time and Space), in which two artists meet on stage for the first time, improvising for 30-45 minutes, with unpredictable and unique results.

On the 17th of May 2018, and alongside a long-time deliverer of great psych and electronic music in the Barcelona area Adrià Bofarull (also known under multiple projects and monikers like Dargelos, Hydra and many others), it was my pleasure to participate in an encounter of this kind. The organisation recorded the almost hour long gig and released it under their bandcamp page, so now you can enjoy? it too even though you were not there on the actual day of the meeting.

General dark tones, electronic and industrial touches, and overall an emotional journey, you can stream and buy/download the tracks from here: Encounters in Time and Space.



[…] The big doubt that remains after listening this genuine record is that I will never know if these are the oldest sounds in the history of the world or the newest. I will never know if this was what was before music, or what will come after it. […]