Carrers de Sydney


Three songs and sixteen minutes of analog ambient drone.
Started in 2015, released in 2016.

Fully inspired by the discovery of anonymous streets within the City of Sydney, as a new immigrant.

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Drifting, almost falling 


The Ep’s title is in Catalan (the main language spoken in Barcelona) which translates to “Streets of Sydney”. During an email exchange Mauri mentioned “I have never been a traveler and living in a different country was a positive shock, but a shock nonetheless. I found myself lost on the city’s details, amazed at how ordinary things like streets an alleys can be different in two very civilized and very western cities of the same world.”


You could imagine only what sort of idea the individual locations presented to Subespai especially as an immigrant. […] It would be curious to see what the sounds would be like if he chose three areas from his former home town. Would the sound pallet be different?

El loco de la música

A couple of days ago, from Sydney, the man behind this project contacted me to show me his work. A native Catalan who, due to the long-lasting Spanish economic recession, felt compelled to emigrate to the other side of the world, in search of a better life. “Carrers de Sydney” reflects that change from one place to another, one city to another. Everything looks familiar, but the truth is everything is new: the streets, the sounds, the people.

Using ambient drones as a tool, Subespai delivers three tunes where lineal sounds with little variation embark us on a journey amongst these streets of a new city. Streets with a pulse of their own, with a sound and life of their own, thus suggesting multiple sensations to the listener. Because Subespai offers sensations with his music, more than descriptions, although some descriptive elements can also be found.

Music that works best with headphones, walking around the city; but it is also ideal to play at home, in a quieter environment, while wandering into your own inner worlds. Subespai’s music is valid both ways.

There might be other people, but it is just you who’s walking around these city streets. Sensations and introspection when everything is new. This is the soundtrack of those who had to start a new life in remote cities.

(Translated from Spanish with the author’s permission)

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