On August the 18th in 1976, at a location, the coordinates of which have remained a secret to this day, known only to those who possess the highest levels of security clearance, an event occurred, which by its very nature shocked those who survived and the nation’s leaders to their very core. The ramifications of this event reverberate to this day in countless ways, the public completely unaware, having never been informed.

This is the backstory of “Base”, a full length collaboration between Doxylamine (Mark Hall) and myself, Subespai, released in cassette and digital by Sydney’s rule-breaking label Eupcaccia Records.

Recorded and produced in late 2017, “Base” is a faux soundtrack to an event that didn’t happen, broken down into 5 acts of noise, dark ambient and eerie soundscaping, full of glitches and surprises under the walls of sound.

The album has been mixed and mastered by Mark Hall, and the supercool artwork and layout is from jwptn.

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Cassette gods

[…] This is what noise music is when it works. They have done a remarkable job portraying this imaginary disaster. […]

Vital weekly

[…] Here is some noise that is familiar and fine, with that rough edge we all love some
much. It is not the work of madmen going wild and wilder, but something done with some care and consideration. That’s how we love them best. […]

The electro review

[…] Base reveals subtle nuance and flow only reachable with persistent patience and a highly tuned ear for atmospherics. As we’re drawn into the album, a breathy pipe sound envelopes us and begins to twinge in multiple directions. New tones administer their harmonics as drifty waverings spill over one another in competitions of amplitude. A bass tone throbs in the distance marking the onset of some crisper organic chimes that drown in the venir of far away horns and dancing feet. […]

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