New tape: Vespertine Works

Rest is for the wicked, they say. This one has been around for a while but only recently I have had the time to add the artist copies to my bandcamp page. Introducing my new solo album, Vespertine Works:

One of my most accessible albums to date, this one is made of 20 minutes and 2 tracks, some drones here, some field recordings there, guitar-powered swells and walls of sound everywhere. A peaceful, slow and calm collection of tunes to soundtrack a hypothetical night walk around a city of your choice.

Originally released by the British label No-Fi Hideout, you can stream and buy this (on tape and digital formats) from here: and, if you do, let me know what you think? reviews “Encounters…”

Encounters in time and space, my latest digital release as improvised live with Adrià Bofarull on an event of the same name held in Barcelona regularly and organised by the never-surrenderers Gràcia Territori Sonor has been reviewed by the Spanish online outlet, in Spanish of course 😉

Here’s a small taste from the review, terribly and unprofessionally translated by me, a merely intruder in this amazing and incredibly tricky field that is translation and proofreading:

The big doubt that remains after listening this genuine record is that I will never know if these are the oldest sounds in the history of the world or the newest. I will never know if this was what was before music, or what will come after it.

Link to the full review here, and thanks to for giving this obscure record an opportunity!


Encounters in Time and Space

As mentioned earlier, a couple of months ago when I was in Barcelona, I had the pleasure to perform a live improvised session with electronic musician Adrià Bofarull as part of a series of events organised by the non-profit musical association Gràcia Territori Sonor.

The session was recorded and has become a digital live album titled Encounters in Time and Space, so even if you weren’t there, you can now stream or, even better, buy, download and support cool non-profit organisations from the Gràcia Territori Sonor bandcamp page, here’s the preview:


Hope you like it! If you do, let me know in the comments or over social media? 🙂

“Drifting, almost failing” talks about “A deafening silence”

The somewhat recent but hugely thorough and exhaustive music blog Drifting, almost failing who gave a chance to Carrers de Sydney some time ago has now reviewed “A deafening silence” in its descriptive style. You can read all about it here, but as an appetiser I leave you with a sentence from the article:

Subespai has created an experimental noisy release that utilises drone techniques without sounding anything like a traditional drone release.

Never thought about it like this, but it feels right 🙂 Thanks!

Finally, at the risk of repeating myself a lot, but you should support small initiatives like this, made out of passion, as these are the media that supports artists like me, who work out of passion as well. Keeps the tissue connected.

A very much Naviar update

A Naviar Records flavoured update coming up! ⛵️

First up, the recording of the live performances in the Naviar Haiku Fest from back in May is now up for streaming and digital download! This is my set:


And second, a minute of each performance in this festival was chopped up and used as a starting point for the Disquiet Junto challenge number 338, named “Imaginary Quartet”, in which participants were asked to create a new track mashing up the four original one-minute tracks together. Needless to say the results were top notch and very inspiring! Here they are:


I would like to ask you to support beautiful initiatives like these two, as they support minoritary music styles and artists who bleed life to the actual environment 💙

Some praise for “Base”

Two of my favourite online sources of experimental information have given recent  coverage to Base, my latest collaboration album alongside the also Sydney local Doxylamine.

First up, “Mountain Approach” the opening track of this dissertation about military bases and cold war censorship has been featured in my favourite Oz underground podcast Abstract Paradigms, in the episode aired on the 8th of June. You can listen to it here. Go follow them along!

And then, the amazingly talented Rowan Blair Colver from The Electro Review has just put up his refined poetry in review form for the album, you can read the post in full here, but let me paste an excerpt as a taste:

Base reveals subtle nuance and flow only reachable with persistent patience and a highly tuned ear for atmospherics. As we’re drawn into the album, a breathy pipe sound envelopes us and begins to twinge in multiple directions. New tones administer their harmonics as drifty waverings spill over one another in competitions of amplitude. A bass tone throbs in the distance marking the onset of some crisper organic chimes that drown in the venir of far away horns and dancing feet.

Remember you can buy, stream and download Base from here, if you so please:



Surprise! A little more than a month after the release of A deafening silence, a new tape from me is out, this time a collaboration with Doxylamine (Mark Hall), and out on Eupcaccia Records, another underground Sydney label, recently established.

In the same vein as this previous one, Base tries to soundtrack a fictional story full of security clearances, government censorship, secret hatches and other nuclear spillage. The result is nearly an hour of dark ambient and noise walls, full of glitches and faulty electronics, where my regular drones and sub-bass soundscapes blend with Mark’s guitar feedback and crazy percussions.

Here’s how it sounds:


And you can buy / stream / download from this link. Enjoy!