Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to join the fine people from Triage and the multitasker Trevor Brown for an afternoon of free jazz improvisation to which I provided subliminal electronic touches and very mundane samples, trying to add cherries on top of already beautiful sounds. Out of the session recording, a digital EP of three tracks is now available digitally

You can preview it down here, buy it over there and read more about it under the releases section:



Backwoods, a collaboration with slow creations

Subespai is mainly a solo project, out of comfort and actual fear of how talented everyone else is. From time to time though, I manage to get over this fear and dare to collaborate with other artists.

Sometimes it’s musicians, like the recent live improvisation with Rich Machine, or Moonlit Falls, the hopefully first of many split promo records with my good friend jwptn. And then sometimes, I get the privilege of working with visual artists like Danraebru or, this time, with slow creations, the queen of dyed fabric and old natural photography, all the way up from Stockholm, Sweden.

Managed all through Instagram and messaging, we agreed she would collate a slideshow of her pictures, pics that I’ve been hooked to since I discovered her account back then when I was barely posting random pictures in my own profile. With that slideshow in hand, I would try to soundtrack, and see what happened. As expected, given the eerie flair of Petra’s forest photographs, the soundtrack has an ominous overarching feeling, very organic in design. Svarte Greiner’s Moss Garden in my mind when I was composing this.

Hope you enjoy watching/listening this as much as I do enjoy following Petra’s works, which you should follow too!