2019 Spanish “tour” of sorts

Just as what went down in May/June 2018, I have three upcoming gig dates in Spain this month of October:

08/10/2019 → Interview and live improvisation with the program hosts @ XperYmentaS, Radio Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.
Super excited to perform alongside Miquel Jordà and his crew, closed to the public but live on air, and subsequently available online on the Ivoox channel of the program.

10/10/2019 → Solo show @ Biblioteca Agustí Centelles, Barcelona.
Starts sharp at 8:30PM to coincide with when the library closes for the day, so be early otherwise access will be unavailable!

27/10/2019 → Solo show @ Ultrasons, músiques en vibració. Casa de la Música, L’Alcora, País Valencià.
For this one, I will be presenting “Horitzons distòpics” (Dystopian Horizons), a 15-20 minute performance attempting to soundtrack the immediate and grim future of society. There will be two performances on the day, the first one being at 5PM. Limited seats available, bookings essential in the festival web page!

See you there!

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