Introducing “Faversham”

Well, it’s not a secret by now if you follow Subespai on Social Media, but early January saw the release of a collaboration between this amazing musician and even better well-being that is Leighton Arnold and myself, which we named “Faversham“, signed under our surnames (“Edo / Arnold”), released by the greatest chemical imbalance and with artwork from the outstanding jwptn.

A taste for ears and eyes:

I am really happy to have been able to release this. The story goes as follows:

  • Early 2017, I have never played live, but the itch is getting unbearable
  • I go to this concert in Sydney where Leighton is collaborating with a voice artist, doing his fantastic guitar stuff
  • Unlike me at all, I decide to approach him as I thought what he did was interesting, we have a good chat about glitchy pedals
  • After the gig, I research further about his work and, even more unlike me, decide to reach out to him via email for advice on how to further in my own musical explorations
  • A friendly back and forth starts with this email, from which I learn that he is based in South Korea and will be in Sydney for a little longer
  • He agrees to meet and jam, we go to a rehearsal studio down in the Marrickville suburb, specifically Faversham St.
  • He comes all prepared with his recording gear, then I learn recording bands is a passion of his
  • We play for over two hours, Leighton records the whole session, when we part ways, he mentions the topical “I’ll listen to this, if it’s any good I’ll let you know”.
  • Soon after that he leaves for South Korea, no plans to return
  • Months go by, we check up on each other here and there, he encourages me to do solo stuff, I start playing gigs and writing more music
  • Eventually he sends me a sample of the recording, which I find it sounds pretty cool
  • A new back and forth starts with the whole recording, to pick up good snippets that we can eventually turn into a release
  • Months go by, we check up on each other here and there
  • Eventually (late 2018) we land on 5 tracks, 41 minutes. We pick tracks and album names.
  • We involve Josh for the artwork, turns out to be amazing
  • We involve Mitch for the release, super-easy and straight-forward
  • Surprise! Leighton is coming for Christmas, we push for a launch gig which ends up occurring at the Gaelic Club on early January 2019, alongside great acts
  • The album is officially released on the 3rd of January on cassette and digital
  • And the rest you know already!

Right now, you can stream and buy the record at the chemical imbalance bandcamp page, here’s a preview of what you would get:


Amazingly, has reviewed it in blog post as well!

Convinced that this recording is a time capsule floating through space I’m completely mesmerized by the way it tells a story through electronics and sound samples. […] They know when to keep the reverb steady and somber, and when to blend suspicious effects that lend to the goings-on. […]

Hope you like it as much as I did getting it out and presenting it! And thanks for reading such long post ❤️

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