BuscaMusica.es reviews “Encounters…”

Encounters in time and space, my latest digital release as improvised live with Adrià Bofarull on an event of the same name held in Barcelona regularly and organised by the never-surrenderers Gràcia Territori Sonor has been reviewed by the Spanish online outlet BuscaMusica.es, in Spanish of course 😉

Here’s a small taste from the review, terribly and unprofessionally translated by me, a merely intruder in this amazing and incredibly tricky field that is translation and proofreading:

The big doubt that remains after listening this genuine record is that I will never know if these are the oldest sounds in the history of the world or the newest. I will never know if this was what was before music, or what will come after it.

Link to the full review here, and thanks to BuscaMusica.es for giving this obscure record an opportunity!


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