Some praise for “Base”

Two of my favourite online sources of experimental information have given recent  coverage to Base, my latest collaboration album alongside the also Sydney local Doxylamine.

First up, “Mountain Approach” the opening track of this dissertation about military bases and cold war censorship has been featured in my favourite Oz underground podcast Abstract Paradigms, in the episode aired on the 8th of June. You can listen to it here. Go follow them along!

And then, the amazingly talented Rowan Blair Colver from The Electro Review has just put up his refined poetry in review form for the album, you can read the post in full here, but let me paste an excerpt as a taste:

Base reveals subtle nuance and flow only reachable with persistent patience and a highly tuned ear for atmospherics. As we’re drawn into the album, a breathy pipe sound envelopes us and begins to twinge in multiple directions. New tones administer their harmonics as drifty waverings spill over one another in competitions of amplitude. A bass tone throbs in the distance marking the onset of some crisper organic chimes that drown in the venir of far away horns and dancing feet.

Remember you can buy, stream and download Base from here, if you so please:

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