More news about “A deafening silence”

This week, my latest work “A deafening silence” got reviewed by the talented Roland Torres from the French music blog drawing parallels with Christian DelplanquePan Sonic and the late solo work of Mika Vainio, quite humbling comparisons 😳

Here’s an excerpt of the article, translated by me for you:

Subespai offers silence to own the space without disappearing / appearing, combining the small variations on floating drones to become hypnotic. A transversal EP linking oblique experimentation and sonic meditation.

Very strongly recommended.

And here’s the link to read it all (in French, of course): A deafening silence – Huge thanks to Roland for the kind words! 👍🏻

Other than this, “Overtime” the first track of the mini-album, has been included in the chemical imbalance label sampler #8 CDR, alongside tracks from legends like Jeremy Hegge, Red Kangaroo and others. Listen and buy from here:


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