Some media coverage for “A deafening silence”

First up: “Overtime”, the first track of my last album “A deafening silence” released by chemical imbalance, was included in the last edition of the podcast Abstract Paradigms, a show focused on experimental and underground music in Melbourne and surroundings, perfect to keep in the loop with regards to the aussie scene. You can listen to this edition of the program here.

Then, the album got a beautiful and in-depth review by Rowan Blair Colver from The Electro Review. This is an excerpt:

Silence fades over the sound like a blanket of sleep, allowing the final number to clear its throat. As the airwaves become ever more still in between the art, reflecting on the music allows a non-judgemental appreciation of the uniqueness and novel element from which it grows. Although many artists work in abstract and experimental sound, it takes a lot of courage to strip it down to bones such as these.

And you can read the full review here in this link.


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