A deafening silence

A milestone. A proper record label has released my works. Sydney’s chemical imbalance. is only 3 years old, but has already more than 70 experimental titles in its catalog, and my latest mini-album is the number 74 in this vast and rich collection.

“A deafening silence” is made of two tracks, fifteen minutes of cross-over between noise and ambient, microsound and electronics, painting two mundane scenes in which silence is uncommon, and doesn’t really exist as such, revealing a world of small sounds, unknown in origin, but as constant and powerful as their louder siblings.

Limited cassette release to twenty copies, it’d be awesome if it were to sell out, as that would send the message to the label and to the world that my stuff is worth publishing. If you want to help here, you can buy the record from this link: chemical-imbalance.bandcamp.com/album/subespai-a-deafening-silence

More information on this release in its project page: A deafening silence

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